Safety Training

If you find at the end of the day, it will be most suitable for your company to offer your own traffic control from within your company, we can still be of assistance! We have highly trained and certified ATSSA instructors to train your employee(s). We offer the same basic traffic control training for your employee(s) that we provide for our own traffic control flaggers. Designed by our own well versed and experienced traffic control and safety professionals, our training class is certain to fit your traffic control needs. Your employee(s) will leave the training educated and certified, complete with a flagger certification card that is to be carried when providing traffic control services.

Being a minimum four hour class with a written test, along with a physical demonstration of the different scenarios flaggers typically encounter, this hands-on class readily prepares your employee(s) for the traffic control/flagging environment. We offer this class in whatever means necessary to achieve the certification of your employees. Three common scenarios we have encountered when offering our training is to hold the class at QCM's home office, at your place of business, or live stream the class over the internet from wherever we are directly to you.

We keep all paper records for your convenience for at least three years. Each flagger is required to be re-certified every three years for their certification to remain active and up to date.