Residential Surveying

Surveyors make precise measurements to determine boundaries of all kinds. Our Surveyors are licensed and in good standing in the states of Ohio and Kentucky, and provide a wide array of services.

Unlike the majority of residential survey companies, QCM inserts a 30 inch steel pin into each corner of your property points to assure these pins are not easily removed. QCM possesses the staff and equipment to produce your plot plan/plat in house, additional charges may apply.

QCM Residential Surveyors Provide:

As-Built Surveys (Residential)
Boundary Surveys (Residential)
Elevation on Existing Storm, Sanitary, Sewer, Etc.
FEMA Elevation Certification (Residential)
Foundation Location Surveys
House/Building/driveway Site Plans
Improvement Location Surveys
Lot Consolidation Plats
Lot Splits
Mortgage Surveys
New Home Construction – Any survey that may be needed for a zoning/building permit.
Property Line Staking
Site Plans - House, Building, Driveway, etc
Topographic and Tree Surveys
Topographic Surveys (Residential)