Traffic Signal Inspection

Traffic signal inspection is absolutely necessary for both new and updated signal systems. With all of the highly developed equipment and soaring technology, if often appears that signals are functioning accurately; however, detection and electronic communication between adjacent signals could be on the cusp of a serious malfunction if not properly installed and/or checked on a consistent basis.

QCM is trained with all proper certifications and knowledge to keep you and your signals up to date and functioning at their best. During the installation process, our team reads the drawings to verify that contractors are in fact installing the appropriate materials and that the quantities of wiring, conduit, splice connectors, water tights, etc are not only the correct items, but are also positioned in such a place that will allow for easy access to inspect and repair in the future of the signal. During installation along with maintenance of the system, QCM insures that the software/computer system not only operates properly but efficiently as well.

QCM pays attention to the smallest details that others often overlook; such as, when a camera is installed to detect traffic, QCM sets the camera to detect only the lane it is in control of. More times than not, these cameras detect automobiles in other lanes, and that will throw the entire system off kilter. QCM can handle all inspection of traffic signals, whether it be loops that chatter to each other, cameras that detect the traffic, or the old fashion system of loops.